About Us

Aren't we all pirates at heart?

The Dark Lord Journal is dedicated to the art and craft of writing and creating magnificent villainy in all of its forms. While we’ve a special love of fantasy and science fiction, we’re interested in any genre, and while we often stray towards the theatricality of a Joker or a Bellatrix, or the overwhelming power of a Sauron, we also love the nuanced motivations of a Roy Batty, or the shades of grey in an Irene Adler.

We’re interested in what turns good to bad and vice-versa; we’re also interested in antiheroes, complex antagonists, and the idea that, much of the time, everyone sees the “others” as “the enemy”. We like all manner of character exploration into the nature of morality and ethics among those who challenge your protagonists.

Great villains! We need them! Having a fleshed-out, three-dimensional hero fight a one-dimensional villain is like having a samurai slice the head off a cardstock figure: disappointing at best.

We adore the creation of great dialogue, motivations, plot points, and emotional richness for all manner of malefactors and enemies. We write commentary on it, offer exercises, give our thoughts and – sometimes – throw in some humor.

We also talk about dark times in general – dystopias, shadowy fantasies, post-apocalyptic futures. In general, our goal is to help build better bad things of all varieties; if it’s wicked, vile, nefarious, malicious, malevolent, or sinister, we’d like to help it thrive and grow in your imaginary worlds.

The battleline between good and evil runs through the heart of every man.
— Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Good – bad – I’m the guy with the gun.
— Ash, “Army of Darkness” (as written by Sam and Ivan Raimi)